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Pregnancy & Pilates

It is important that pregnant women understand the effects of their pregnancy on their bodies while participating in a Pilates class. The effect of pregnancy on a woman’s body can be profound, both internally and externally. Pregnancy can affect the respiratory system, the cardiac and circulatory systems as well as instigating hormonal, biomechanical and musculoskeletal… Read more »

Understanding the Dietary Guidelines

The Dietary guidelines have been designed for us as a set of “eating rules” to help improve our everyday diets. The aim behind these guidelines is to help minimise and further prevent risk of diet-related illnesses such as: Diabetes Heart Disease High Cholesterol High Blood Pressure Obesity Below we discuss some of the Australian Dietary… Read more »

10 Questions to Ask New Clients

When you get chatting to a new client, telling them all about you and your training style and the various packages and services is important. However, what’s equally if not more important is asking them questions to get to know them better. Not only is it a clever marketing strategy it is also very effective… Read more »

Why Pilates Is So Good

pilates model

Pilates is great for everyone, but especially beneficial for mums. Focusing on reconditioning the core and training to engage the pelvic floor, which is something that all mothers need. One of the great things about this fitness program is that its suitable for anyone, as each exercise can be modified to suit individual capabilities and comfort… Read more »

History of Pilates

Joseph Pilates

The Pilates Method was developed by the late Joseph Pilates, who was born in 1883 near the German town of Dusseldorf. A delicate child, he became interested in physical fitness programmes to improve his body image. Assisted by his father, who was a keen gymnast, he became an enthusiastic sportsman, participating in boxing, diving, jiu… Read more »